The Loan Process


Pre-qualification occurs before the actual loan process begins. The lender gathers information on your including income, assets & debts to determine the maximum loan amount you qualify.

It is helpful & necessary to know the maximum loan amount you qualify to determine maximum purchase price before start shopping for a property to purchase. If you are refinancing current mortgage on your current residence, then the pre-qualification process should help you determining the best interest rate.


The application is the beginning of The Loan Process before or while you are shopping for a property to purchase or have determined to refinance your current high interest rate mortgage.

Most sellers these days require buyer to submit “loan approval” with the offer. So, we provide you with pre-approval for you to present to your realtor for submitting an offer.

You first go to “Complete Application” and complete the application to your best knowledge. Upon receipt of completed loan application, we will email you with the list of required documents/information that we need for processing. We will also discuss loan options such as loan program, interest rate and various fees involved with the loan.

Upon acceptance of offer for purchase, we will submit completed loan application for underwriting, and order Appraisal Report.


Underwriter issues a conditional loan approval. The loan approval will be subject to satisfaction of conditions that underwriter requires.


Once underwriter cleared all conditions, lender will send Closing Disclosure (CD) to you for you to acknowledge.  Upon you acknowledging the CD, the loan documents will be drawn 3rd day from the day you acknowledged the CD and sent to escrow.  Escrow will then make signing arrangement with you to sign the loan docs.